What Is The Best Electronic Pulse Massager?

Best Electronic Pulse MassagerIf you are going to get a pulse massager, you want to get it right and not go through the process of buying one massager after another or feeling the need to call the customer service department of the company which sells these electronic pulse massagers. You want to get it right the first time so taht you can just stick to the model you have, and if it breaks, you just buy the same model type again. So the obvious question is then “What is the best electronic pulse massager?”

There is currently around 50+ well known electronic pulse massagers sold around the internet and almost everyone of them has at least one negative review from someone who felt that they wasted their time and money in getting such a low quality, easy to break device.

There are devices like the Echo Massager Pro which is being sold at around $250 and the IQ Massager Pro being sold for around $90. These are the type of prices you would expect to spend for some types of pulse massagers. You also have extremely cheap models of pulse massagers which are renamed to be acupuncture physiotherapy machines which sell for around just $8. Many of the times the more expensive model of pulse massager turns out to be of a lower quality than the cheaper ones. So for this small subgroup of massagers, there is no clear correlation between the price of massager and the quality of  it. Many people on the reviews for the multiple product pages have said that the device they got was either already completely broken in the package when they received it.

Other complaints are that they got some other product that looks nothing like what is advertised in the pictures. They got the wrong model type (like getting the PL009 instead of the PL029 Pulse massagers sold by Prospera). The package was missing the pads that was supposed to go with it. The device’s LCD screen display was cracked. The pads would not stick. The number of possible things that could go wrong with the purchase can confuse even the most shrewd of shoppers.

So I am going to try to answer the question on which of the current models of pulse massage is actually worth your time and money.

I am going to try to focus on 4 main factors, which are…

1. Cost – everyone would prefer to get the cheaper product if all other factors were the same.

2. Durability – the obvious 2nd factor is to see whether the device will still function properly, and how long it will continue to function properly.

3. Easy of use – this factor takes into consideration on whether the controller buttons are easy to navigate. Is it easy for a person to intuitively know how to use the device. Also, if they couldn’t figure out how to use the device, is the operating manual easy to read and understand how to control and adjust the pulse massager?

4. Effectiveness – Obviously the last one is over whether the device can even be able to reach the level of electrical signal intensity necessary to stimulate the muscle groups for real pain relief and muscle tension relaxation.

First of all, which pulse massager or TENS Unit models are we going to be comparing?

In the post Top 10 Best Electronic Pulse Massagers For Lower Back Pain Relief I had stated that the 10 best electronic pulse massagers for at least the application of relieving pain in the lower back is one of the following 5 pulse massagers.

They are

So lets go through each of the factors that we should be considering to see which one is the best

1. Cost: Pulse massagers can end up to be quite expensive with many of the mini pulse massager models by IQ Massager and Echo Massager being upwards of $200 or more. The cheapest model of the 10 is probably either the XFT-320a or the XFT-502 which cost around $20-$25.

2. Durability: It seems that a very common problem with pulse massagers is that many people complain that the device either shorts out, or stops working. While this is a common complaint with every model, what we should be focusing on is not whether the model is going to last, but how good is the customer service people we call when the device breaks. If the customer service people are really good and stand by their product, they would refund the money if the device breaks too quickly after only a short use. Would the company who sells these devices be willing to answer our questions and give us a replacement as an option? When it comes to durability, most people state that the PL009 is a good option because the company Prospera is a well known pulse massager maker. They have a good staff ready to help you when the device malfunctions.

3. Ease of Use – The XFT-320A and XFT-502  although being very cheap are rather bulky and hard to carry around. The easiest to carry around would be the mini pulse massagers like the HealthmateForever Pro-8AB. However we have to also consider the instructions or operating manual. It seems that all of the models are made in china and written by a person who translated the language into English. Consistently native english speakers have complained how hard it is to understand the directions in the operating manuals, which are often just 4 pages long filled mostly with diagrams. So in terms of figuring out how to operate the pulse massagers it is basically a self learning process of trial and error.

 4. Effectiveness – For effectiveness, there are multiple models which really have been stated to be very good. The Aurawave, PL009, PM3030, Pro-8AB. What we can say is that when it comes to effectiveness, we want a type of massager that we can adjust and control. It should be able to send a strong enough signal so that we can get a deep massager.

Overall Conclusion

I would recommend the Prospera PL009 Electronic Pulse Massager as a model. It is currently priced at $35 with free shipping. It is not the cheapest pulse massager being around $10 more than the cheapest models. However it is effective in getting the signal to be high enough to give a really decent massage. It is easy to use because of its thin design so you can fit it comfortably in your hands. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it breaking and leaving you helpless in getting any help for repair. The prospera company is quite good at answering back and helping you out. Many people have said that maybe the first device they good seemed to fail but the Prospera people did respond back to them and promptly gave them a replacement.

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To see what an electronic pulse massager would look like watch the video below. Note that the model in the video is from BodyTalk.