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Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation DBS Therapy Uses Cybernetic Embedded Device

It seems that the biomedical giant Medtronic has come out with a new type of therapy to help reprogram people to be able to able to use all of their motor functions correctly. Their therapy is called the Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy or DBS Therapy. It seems that this device is very small, pacemaker in size, and it will be surgerically placed into the chest area, not the heart. The signals from this cybernetic like device will be send through the wires connected to the brain. The signals block the signals which interfere in normal motor neuron activity. The result is that the person who is suffering from Parkinson, Tremors, and Dystonia will get better in having more control over the movements and muscles in their body.

We here at PulseMassagers.com understand that when it comes to medical innovation and breakthroughs, we believe that the next great wave of biomedical devices which will improve the overall health of our community will be coming from bioelectric applications and devices.

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Korean Startup Ybrain Creating a tDCS Wearable Device to Counteract Alzheimers

It seems that there is now a startup based in South Korea which is coming out with their own unique wearable device operating to the principle of tCDS which is supposed to at least counter-act the symptoms of Alzheimers. They are called Ybrain, and it was started by a Korean neurologist (Kyongsik Yun) who studied at Caltech and a group of engineers based in Samsung.

So far, here are the list of claims made by the company.

From only using the device for 30 minutes, 5 days a week, the person or subject wearing it who was subjected to some cognitive measurement tests noticed around a 20-30% improvement in their cognitive abilities, at least when it is compared to the conventional oral medication available.

I am not a pharmacist or doctor, but I do know from regular news articles that taking Fish Oil in the form of Omega-6 and Omega-3 in combination with DHA is supposed to be good for you. Other herbal oral supplements have been Gingko Biloba, St. John’s Wart, and similar types, including the age old Ginseng.

We here at Pulse Massagers.com keep up to date with the lated of bioelectrical therapy devices. It is only a matter of time before tDCS wearable devices will be coming into the market. We predict

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The HoMedics Therapist Select Compact Percussion Massager – Model PA-MH

Probably my initial introduction to the world of massagers and the field of pain relief was from going to the local Relax The Back store that is right beside my house and buying a large sized handheld hammer-like massager. That models was the HT-1280 Swan Softouch model. It really completely changed the way I view physical health. Whereas before I would just push myself and my body to achieve more and more, while always noticing that my bdoy felt tight and rigid after waking up in the morning after multiple rounds of doing the Butterfly Stroke, the handheld massagers allowed my body to recover almost instantly from hard training and exercises in just a few minutes. I could literally feel as if my whole body was melting from the complete drop in stress that was inside my own body

Product Specifications


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The U.S. Jaclean Tapping Pro Handheld Percussion Massager

This model which has been very popular and selling very well on Amazon is the Pro model sold by the company US Jaclean. We looked at the US Jaclean website and see that it is another online retail store, which has been selling Quality Health products since 1982. Their most popular products is probably the lines of massagers that they have been selling under their name. They have handheld massagers, back massagers, neck massagers, and feet massagers, as well as a few massage chairs.

On the Handheld Massagers page, they have 5 current models being sold, The Dual Tapper, The EZ Reach Duo, The UFO Massager, The MAX PRO, and The Tapping Pro. The others like the Electronic Pulse Massager is also a popular brand model. Out of all those models, this Tapping Pro model is probably their best selling model, for a number of reasons. However, first let’s take a look at the specs for this model, the Tapping Pro.

Product Specifications

Dimensions and Size: approximately 16 inches in length
Adjustable speed through a knob
Single Head
Easy to grip massage neck
Includes the Heating option, aka Infrared Heat Therapy
Is corded, operates on 110-240 Volts

So this is probably one of the simplest models we have ever seen. The controls and buttons are quite obvious. There is only three areas which require any changes.

There is the Speed knob – This just lets you increase the speed at which the head is vibrating up and down.
The Heat Therapy Option – It is a button which let you turn on and off the heat
The Intensity Mode Option –  There is two different intensity modes you can choose from

What about the price?

It is also really cheap too. The last we checked the model, it was listed on […]

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The Zyllion Handheld Therapeutic Percussion Massager – Model ZMA-16

We know the company Zyllion very well. They focus almost exclusively on sell massagers and massage accessories. Most of their products are for the neck, and back, but there seems to be only one handheld model. This model would be it, which they have labeled as the ZMA-16. Recently they did get the popular pulse massager (which is just the Pl-009 TENS Unit model) into their lineup, but it is this ZMA-16 model which is what will really work on the body. First, let’s talk about the good parts of this particular model, and then focus later on the stuff that was not as good. Like the profile page says, the model ZMA-16 has the option of heat therapy added into it, which is not that special since over half of the models that are now being developed have that option. What makes this model probably a little bit above average of all the models that we have seen is due to a combination of factors from the specifications. Let’s first list all the specifications for this model.

Product Specifications

3 different types of interchangeable massage nodes to choose from
Adjustable speed of the massage
Maximum temperature level is 60 celsius or 140 Farenheit
Ergonomically designed handle
Includes a heating option for infrared heat therapy
Single headed unit give you more control over the exact area of the body you want to pinpoint and work on.

So is this model only average, or better than average?

Like we have said before many times already, the main factor on how we judge the quality of a massager, but most especially a percussion massager, is to see how fast and how strong the vibrations are. Some types which we have seen in the past are […]

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The Energy King High Frequency Vibration Massager – Model LC-2017-A

This model is labeled the Energy King Massager (Model number LC-2017-A) which some other people have called the High Frequency Vibration Massager. This was the 2nd massager model type that we bought from the Alibaba.com website and wanted to try out to review and use on ourselves. After paying the cost of the actual unit and then the shipping and packing costs, it took a full week and a half before we finally got it in the mail. From the looks of it at first, we didn’t expect too much. When we are looking for a really good, massager, we want to find one which has a lot of power behind it. These models usually are not that strong. What we found after testing out the model was that it is a above average percussion massager. Let’s explain why we have decided to rate it as an above average model.

Product Specifications

Voltage Rating: 110-240 Volt, Powered through normal wall outlet
Frequency: 50-60 Hertz
Power: 25 Watts
Rated Work Time: 15 minutes
Entire set comes with 3 different heads, based on 2 attachments
Can be used in two different ways: holding the tail handle or the plastic upper strap
Tail can be snapped off
Analog speed knob adjusts for speed at which the head vibrates
Has the heating function
Side button on the head lets you switch between off mode, M (massage) mode, and M+L (massage and heat) mode

First, let’s explain the features and specs it does have which makes it average. The power rating is 25 watts, the frequency that it uses is at 50-60 hertz, and the voltage it is rated at is based on the normal wall outlet, 110-240 voltages. Like so many others it has two addition head attachments, as well […]

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The Irest Massager Mini and Irest Pro Models

When we looked on the website for www.tensunitmassagers.com, we found that there was at least a dozen new models which we have never seen before. Some of them only had a little bit of difference between each other. Two models that sort of stuck were te Irest Massager Mini and the Irest Pro Model. The difference between was very little, and the difference in price showed that as well. When you first look at the models, they look in appearance like the first generation ipods and the current generation of ipod nanos. It is very small, and has onyl a few features. We don’t believe that it will allow a person to be able to adjust the pulse frequency or pulse width. However, you can change the pulse intensity and switch from the various modes that you are interested in

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The AuraWave Perfect TENS Pain Relief by Tony Little

This model is called the Aurawave Perfect TENS and it is sold on the website for the popular physical trainer and infomercial guru Tony Little. On that website, it is listed at $100. Previously, when we first started doing the website, we had found another type of pulse massager with the same name, the “Aurawave”. We wrote about that model (Available Here) and we had said that it was one of our favorite models, and we highly recommended it. Now 2 years later, we have found even more, better models, and newer models. This model was among the best maybe a few years ago but it is now just average. The price that it is listed at seems to be too high for just a product that is not one of the best models in the category

Product Specifications

Based on dual channel technology
Includes 4 electrode pads
Has 6 different massage modes (for 6 body areas to work on)
You can switch it from manual to automatic
Timer is set to a maximum of 30 minutes

It is obvious after just a quick look that the Aurawave TENS Unit (called the Perfect TENS) is the exact same model as the one sold on Endurance Therapeutics.
You can get the Aurawave Perfect TENS at a cheaper price available here
If you look on the Home Shopping Network website (HSN.com) you’d see that the model is listed also around the $100 mark, at $95 currently.

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The HealthmateForever YK15 2014 15 Mode TENS Unit Pulse Massager

It seems that the company HealthmateForever is also starting to get the picture and are releasing more advanced models of TENS Units too. First, they came out the with the 12 mode Touch Screen, which we thought was absolutely beautiful, but was way too expensive ($600 from the HealthmateForever website and $400 from Amazon). Now they have the 2014 15 Mode TENS Unit massager model. When we first looked at it, we thought that maybe it was just the same product as the new 2014 TruMedic TM-1000 Pro Deluxe, but after closer inspection we realized that the center area for teh button configuration was different. However, there are some obvious, striking similarities.

For one thing, both of the new models that have been released to the American general public came out in late 2014, with 4 channels. This is just like the Twin Stim 3 model, which we had given the highest of ratings

Product Specifications

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The Homedics Rapid Relief Mini-TENS Pad – For Pain Relief

Out of all the companies in the personal massagers industry, the name Homedics is really big. Everywhere I look these days, even at my local drugstore, I see massagers being sold under the Homedics brand. It is obvious that the company is doing really well for themselves. They have now moved into selling electrotherapy based massagers, which operate on the exact same principle as the TENS Units that you see some many people selling these days. This model is one of those Mini-TENS models, which have just a battery in the center (Lithium Ion based) and the battery gives a continuous series of electrical current pulses, which is directed to the pads that arae on the sides, which are sort of like wings. If you look at the design, it definitely has a huge resemblance to the IcyHot Smart Relief TENs and the Veridian Tiny TENS model. There is no cords or electrodes to worry about. However, since it is so small, it does have some obvious disadvantages

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