Acupuncture Pen

Acupuncture PenThe acupuncture pen operates on the same type of principle as the acupuncture body massager. We see that basically the acupuncture electronic or digital pens are basically body massagers if we try to narrow down the focus on using acupuncture.

The purpose of the pen is to be able to locate exactly where a certain meridian point is supposed to be located, based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory. The old eastern medicine idea was that there was this mystical energy inside all living beings called chi. There are certain areas or channels in the human body which have more chi than usual running through them.

Best Acupuncture Pens For Sale In the Market

W-912 Wochuan Acupointer Acupuncture Meridian Energy Pen – Price: $10 w/ $28 in Shipping from China

Acupoint PenDescription: Ever since I found myself in the local hospital’s emergency room for really bad lower back pain, I have started to look for methods and devices which can help treat my lower back pain. The trip to the hospital made me decide to go try acupuncture with a very high experienced practitioner. After the use of needles, and the cups, and the infrared lighting and oils, she took one of the acupuncture pens and put it to my ear and sent a very low level of electrical current through. So I have decided to look much more closely at the different types of acupuncture pens that we’ve been selling. I went on the website and ordered for myself one of the pens – Read more

Pointer Excell II Digital Acupunture Pressure Point Locator – Price: $139 w/ Free Shipping

Pointer Excell II Digital Acupunture & Pressure Point LocatorSummary (Rating is 8/10): This pressure point massager device is technically called a digital acupuncture  pressure point locator but I would rather call it a pulse massager since it satisfies the two definitions or requirements that I have to classify something as a pulse massager. It uses the emission of a low intensity level of electrical signal to get a specific type of physiological reaction from the body by putting the metal tip on certain areas of the body. This model does not contain any type of acupuncture chart that often goes with a kit for acupuncture so it would require that a person already know at some rudimentary level where the various pressure points are –  Read more

E-Acu-Plus Electronic Acupuncture Stimulator Pen – Price: $60

E&M E-Acu-Plus Electronic Acupuncture Stimulator PenSummary (Rating is 8/10): The E-Acu-Plus is a type of electronic acupuncture pen. It is one of the most advanced acupunctures that is currently available and most people who have bought it, like people who are physical therapists, sports therapists, or people who are practicing acupuncture has found it to be quite effective in finding the exact right spot in teh body that they are intended for. The function of these unique acupuncture pens goes beyond just stimulating the point of the body we press the tip to. In addition, it also is a pressure point locator. Somehow it manages to find where the person using the pens is intended to stimulate – Read more

Acupoint Pen Stimulator – Price: $50

Acupoint Pen StimulatorSummary (Rating is 7/10): The accupoint pen is named because it is supposed to be a pen which has a metal tip which simulates what acupuncturists usually uses, which is a metal needle. It is just that the skin is not broken and the metal tip does not go into the body. It looks like a large, wide pen, and at the tip, where it is a metal conductive material, when you hit the on switch and set the mode, you get a specific type of electrical signal sent, which is supposed to stimulate certain acupressure pressure points in the body. There is a large LCD Screen to tell you which areas of the body the intented signal is supposed to be used on. You have the control to change how high the intended electrical signal will be. Read more

Acu-Pro Acupuncture Pen – Price: $40

Acu-Pro Acupuncture PenMy Review (Rating is 4/10): This model does have LED indicators which tell you when the exact pressure point is found but it doesn’t have the type of sophisticated LCD screen you would have found from the Acupoint Pen. What is nice about this model is that there are two speeds that you can choose to stimulate the pen under. There is the 1 Hz speed which is just one pulse of low level electrical current and there is the higher rate of pulsing action at 4 Hz. We felt that the pulsing rates were too low and the device might not be as good as it is advertised. Although it might not have the screen, it does have indicators in the form of LED lights and beeps showing when the intended pressure point has been stimulated by the electric current. Overall there are 6 different intensity levels to select from – Read more

Accu Point Pen by Body Back Company – Price: $15

Accu Point PenMy Review (Rating is 7/10): The accu point pen has a similar name to the acupoint pen but they can’t be any more different in look and design. Where the acupoint pen was wide, white, and had multiple modes, intensity levels, and function, the accu point pen is much more simple, skinny, and requires so batteries. So is this device just a normal… Read more


Acupen – Price: $55

AcupenMy Review (Rating is 7/10): This acupuncture pen is just called the Acupen. When it comes to outer appearances, seems to be very similar in design to the E-Acu-Plus as well as the Acu-Pro. There is the sleek long curved head with the metal tip. The neck of the head connects to a thicker, wider body. The device has 4 buttons. When we check the product description section of the product page of the device, there was another name for the AcuPen, the MicroCare Acupuncture Pen. We realized that both the MicroCare Pen and the Acu-Pen are both sold on Amazon so we wanted to both write separate reviews for both of the products as well as combine the information – Read more

Acupuncture Stimulator Reflex Pen – Price: $30 w/ Free Shipping

Acupuncture Stimulator Reflex PenMy Review (Rating is 5/10): The Acupuncture Stimulator Pen is also known by the name Acupuncture Stimulator Reflex Pen. The goal of this type of electronic acupressure pen device is for only the use on stimulating the points on the hand. When we looked over the product page for the device we found that it only has a small enough pulse electrical current to have any type of effect on the more sensitive areas of the body, which would include the hands. We are sure that the device can be used on the face and ear pressure points but the focus for this pen device is just for the hands. Something that this model uses which the others don’t is the crystal technology – Read more

Pointer Plus Stimulator – Price: $103 w/ Free Shipping

Pointer-Plus Locator:StimulatorMy Review (Rating is 8/10): The Point Plus Stimulator is also called aPointer Plus Locator which suggests that beyond just the capability of the device to deliver the right amount of current to stimulate the acupressure point, it also has the feature of getting the current to locate the right pressure point to stimulate. This feature of the Pointer Plus is one which we have already seen in almost all the other electronic models. We are not actually sure how these devices find the right point. On some areas of the human body like the ear, which has dozens of pressure points, it would seem rather difficult to get the exact pressure point area stimulated – Read more

Stimplus Pro Acupuncture Pen – Price: $175 w/ Free Shipping

Stimplus Pro Acupuncture PenMy Review (Rating is 10/10): This device is a new model of an acupuncture pen. The name of it is called the Stimplus Pro. The Pro is short for the term Professional. The way that it has been labeled on its products page on Amazon is the Stimplus Pro Acupuncture Pen. We have seen many different models of acupuncture devices already, like the acupuncture massagers or the physiotherapy devices. This one is a newer model with quite a few more features than what we have seen before. Let’s take a look at the controllers and the buttons to see what the Stimplus Pro can actually do – Read more

Laser Acupuncture Pen – Price: $149

Laser Acupuncture PenMy Review (Rating is N/A): So far we have already analyzed a type of Acupuncture pen that implements theLow Level Laser Therapy technique which has been promoted by some sellers as a type of pain relief device. We have seen the model called the Low Level Laser Acupuncture Pen. Well this model is called just the Laser Acupuncture Pen. This is the review for the Laser Acupuncture Pen. We wanted to see what are the differences between this model and the other one. Which one of these pens used in acupuncture is better at stimulating acupressure points? Is the laser therapy treatment effective in being able to locate the – Read more

Red LLLT Acupuncture Stimulation Pen – Price: $99

Red LLLT Acupuncture Stimulation PenMy Review (Rating is 8/10): When we first started on reviewing the various devices sold which claim to be able to help treat pain, we had found many different types of products sold online which claim to use the technique of Low Level Laser Therapy for pain reduction. When we did more research on what the medical professionals are saying about the efficacy of the LLLT treatment, we found that there is a lot of controversy of the devices that uses it. Many have said that the use of low-level lasers don’t work. Some people have gone to call it a type of pseudo-science which has very few valid studies backing up the claims being made by the companies and sellers of these devices – Read more

Cellion 2800 Microcurrent Pulse Stimulator – Price: N/A

Cellion 2800 Microcurrent Pulse StimulatorMy Review (Rating is 10/10): A term that is commonly used when a researcher is describing the acupuncture pens is to call the devices microcurrent pulse stimulators. Sometimes the term “microcurrent” can also be called Micro-Current. When we did more research to see if there were any other models of microcurrent pulse stimulators being sold online, one of the first and only places that we found was from a company based in Seoul, South Korea. The company calls themselves Cellion Meditech. It seems that this device is not just used like most other acupuncture pens. – Read more

MicroCare Tech Acupuncture Pen – Price: $85

AcuPen SpecificationsMy Review (Rating is 8/10): When we were first doing the research to figure out who makes the acupuncture pen model called the AcuPen we found out that the pen actually has a different name. Its alternative name is actually the MicroCare Acupuncture Pen. The company that sells this specific type of pen is MicroCare Tech. We did find one product page on this specific device which is on the Amazon website but there is no picture associated with the product yet. However we did find a lot more information about the specs on the pen than from the other product page which we found on Amazon – Read more

Frequently Asked Questions About Acupressure Point Locator Acupuncture Pens

Question: How Do I Use The Acupuncture Pen?

While each and every single pen is slightly different, there is a general way that all the pens function. Some of the pens are not electronic and do not emit electrical signals while others do. What we would have to so is break down our answer into two parts, 1) For the electronic acupressure point pens and 2) For the non-electronic ones

  1. Electronic Acupressure Point Pens – hold the pen in your hand like any pen. Turn on the device, set the intensity to a low level in the beginner. Refer to the acupuncture chart that goes with most acupuncture pen kits. The main idea is that you just need to get sort of close to the area of stimulation. The electronic types are often called acupressure point locators, which means that as long as you get close, the emitted electrical current would actually be able to get to the right point to stimulate it. Unlike the use of steel metal needles which require a person to be well verse for years in acupuncture training, the use of these devices require maybe just a few hours of practice.
  2. Non-Electronic Acupressure Point PensThese types of pens are NOT point locators. They will not emit any type of electrical current. If the tip however has a crystal tip then there will be a very small bit of current that is used in the stimulation. However we are not sure if the small electrical current emitted by the device to any tissue beneath the skin has an real medical benefit. Usually a acupressure point chart is provided for you when you buy the kit. You want to just pressure down on the location that is specified on the chart deep enough to feel pressure but not to feel pain.

Remember that the point of using the devices is to get to the right chi points. The electrical current emitted will be drawn to the right location based on a concentration of chi energy and electrical field signals.

Question #2: Are these electronic pen devices safe?

Every single device that is sold on our website or from Amazon has been tested by the Food & Drug Administration. Whatever level of current or voltage is emitted by the device has already been considered. Every precaution has been taken to make sure that the voltage levels and the current that is emitted by the pens are below any type of electrical level which would be lethal or dangerous.

Question #3: What type of power source or battery do the acupuncture pens use?

We note again that only some models are electrical. For the ones that are electrical, all of them are small and portable. You will not need to hook the device to some large bulky AC Adapter to alway use it. That means that all of the models will need to be on battery power. the most common battery type used is the AAA battery, which is long and sleek. Often the maximum number of batteries used is just 2, and most need just 1 battery to have enough potential/voltage to have the intensity of current that is needed to stimulate a pressure point in the body.

Question #4: How do I know which acupressure points I need to stimulate?

Usually the knowledge of which areas to stimulate is something that most people who buy the devices are already are fully aware of. Often they have been practicing acupuncture or some type of traditional chinese medicine technique for many years. They know the meridian lines and pressure points very well. For the individual who is not very familiar with the locations but are interested in trying the pens, there is usually a diagram of acupressure points that is included in the kit you buy. Along with the device, you will get a large map of the various points of the body which can be stimulated.

All you have to do is just find the ailment that you wish to treat and find the corresponding point that is associated with the symptom. You just push down on the location with your pen and press the button to stimulate it. It really is that simple.

For a demonstration of how acupuncture pen actually works refer to the video below form Youtube.

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