Acupuncture Body MassagersThe term Pulse Massagers refers to the idea that any type of device that helps relieve pain or improve a medical condition through the application an electrical pulsed signal can be considered a pulse massager. There are a type of pulse massagers known as acupuncture body massagers which also applies an electrical current to stimulate muscle pain relief. Acupuncture Body Massagers are very similar as the pulse massager. The focus of the acupuncture body massagers is to focus more towards the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridian points to alleviate pains and aches in the body.

To get more information on acupuncture click on the link. To get more information on the theory on why acupuncture body massagers even work, refer to the theory of  chi meridian lines in the human body.

The HK Electric Acupuncture Body Massager LLY-08 – Price: $8

acupuncture body massagersDescription: So this device can be called a pulse massager but the sellers rebranded the name to call it an electric acupuncture body massager or a digital meridian therapy machine. The name may be different but the way that the medical device is supposed to function is the same as any other biomedical device works from emitting electrical current signals. The device model that is sold is made in China and a few of the buttons are only in Chinese so it will be slightly confusing to read the operating manual and figure out which buttons do what. The entire kit comes with the 3 AAA batteries, 2 pairs of electrode pads, and the AC Charger to charge the device when the batteries run out – Read more

The Digital Acupuncture Physiotherapy Machine – Price: $8

Digital Acupuncture Physiotherapy MachineDescription: From only looking at it from the front I would have said that this digital acupuncture physiotherapy machine which is also branded as a digital therapy machine looks almost exactly like the other type which we had just reviewed. We suspect what is happening is that there are multiple resellers of this exact same type of electrical stimulation device. If we actually compared the prices of both of the devices, we see that they are the exact same. Compared to the other muscle electrical stimulators that we have already seen we would say that the quality of the device is very questionable. Most models are priced very high in the range of $50-$100, but the low price makes it very suspicious – Read more

The Acupuncture Machine – Price: $8

Digital Acupuncture Physiotherapy MachineDescription: So this is not an actual acupuncture machine because I personally think it is too small and lightweight to be called a ‘machine’. I would rather call the device an acupuncture device. The term device makes a person think of something that is much smaller than a machine. Devices you can hold in your hand and is often small and light enough to be portable. Small devices like the Apple Ipods are portable. This device is just as small as the ipod. Machines usually are too large for a person to comfortably hold in a single hand and go about one’s day comfortably – Read more

Acupunctoscopes Machines 

Acupunctoscopes are basically the same thing as the other TENS Units and Pulse Massagers that we have seen before. The term comes from combining the term acupuncture with the word scope. It is a device used to send electrical signals to muscle tissue to stimulate them for pain relief. The more technical definition of these unique biomedical pain treatment devices are Acupuncture Stimulator units.

The name itself may be slightly misleading since you don’t actually stimulate the acupuncture, but use the emitted electrical current from the devices to simulate what happens to people who use the needles of the ancient Chinese Medicine technique of Acupuncture.

E-stim KWD-808 I – Price: $120

E-stim KWD-808Description: Read more




Acupuncture Stimulator Device Machine 808-I (SD-1A) – Price: $135

Acupuncture Stimulator Device Machine 808-IDescription: Read more




Electro Acupuncture Machine – Price: $99

Electro Acupuncture MachineDescription: Read more






Question: Why acupuncture stimulation machines aka acupunctoscopes even work?

Acupuncture is probably most recognizable from the chinese master or medicine practitioner sticking a certain type of metal needle into areas of a person’s body. The basic principle of the Oriental Medicine was the concept of “chi” which is supposed to be some type of universal life force circulating throughout the body. This is similar to what happens to the blood in the body, which is a closed system that flows around and around being moved throughout the body by the pumping heart. Not just blood, the chi concept can also be mapped in some way by the neurological tissue in the body.

To this day, the modern western doctors are still not completely sure why some of these concepts of the ancient East seems to even work, even when the placebo effect is accounted for through double-blind testing. Acupuncture shows that it does work. If we were to explain why the phenomena of acupuncture works, the best option currently is that the metal needle being pushed into the body is somehow stimulating the nerves in the specific area of the body. This means that if the external stimuli in the form of pressure works, using an external stimuli in the form of a non-invasive electrical stimuli should work as well since the nerves operate on electrical charges and electrical activity. Based on elementary school biology principles, it makes sense that an emitted electrical signal into the muscle or tissue underneath the skin should have some type of physiological effect. These acupunctoscopes or acupuncture stimulation machines are based on the idea that they would be able to stimulate the same acupressure points of the body as the acupuncture needles.

You can actually see how to use these devices by watching the video below on how to operate the 808 Acupuncture Stimulation Machine model.


Watch the video below on how these pulse body massagers work and utilize the acupuncture theory.

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